Haven Breast Cancer

Emotional, physical and practical support centres


The Challenge

To help Haven raise awareness for their 2015 100km Sahara charity walk.

I do some pro-bono work because I believe in putting something back into society. I consider this a good use of the skills I’ve accumulated over the last 30 years…





Project Overview & Solutions

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Project Overview

Three solutions identified to enable more effective marketing and awareness raising for the Sahara Walk. It was important to use the existing house-style and explore creating a friendly connection to the work done at the centres and the importance of contributions:

  • Short video/animation to simplify the idea of the fundraising challenge
  • Creation of small, easily useable segments for social media and directly via email
  • Support document to answer common questions for potential applicants

Details involved animating static icons in various ways and stitching the complete message together.

Location: UK
Development Phase: Complete

Press, PR, & Quotes

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a fantastic idea that is also ‘do-able.


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