n. one who is impelled to act by the force of an idea;
one who devotes their energies to the carrying out of an idea.

Tony Davis

n. someone who is impelled to act by the force of an idea;
someone who devotes his energies to the carrying out of an idea.

Innovative Ideas

This goes without saying but sometimes this is said without the doing. The Innovation P.I.E can come in many forms: Process, Idea, Execution. I like to explore the boundaries and interconnectedness of these pieces until they slot together in ways which make sense and deliver results.

Advanced Technology

I like pencils, paper, and all things digital. You can’t make marks in the world without knowing how. But I also remember the Greek roots of the word technology: technos = art or skill. It takes both to do what I do so I’d like to think that the only way to use technology is appropriately.

Timely Involvement

I work in many different ways: Project, Consultancy, Random Number of Ideas Generator. They all have their place. How about inviting me to your place to see how that can work for you in practice?

Clear Communication

Actually, I can’t guarantee this at the start. Analysing solutions will necessarily create noise, confusion and blurring of the edges of what you do and how you need to change. This is all part of ensuring that you get effective solutions from the process. It’ll all become clear in the end…

Specialist areas of expertise include: Creative Thinking & Innovation, Brand Extension, Graphic Design, Game Design, Product Design for Retail, IP Development.

I also have a particular interest in using my skills to help organisations (SMEs, CICs, Charities) develop brand and awareness around socially important issues. I do some work pro-bono for this.

I have over 14 years of experience delivering innovative design for retail, brand development & extension. Experience extends to manufacturing espresso, mugs, pencils, stationery, through to deck chairs, boardgames (2nd game optioned by Hasbro in 2012) & lighting.

During this time I’ve worked with top companies globally to create award-winning extensions to brand or consulted on IP licensed product potential. Companies worked with include: Royal Opera House, Faber and Faber, Polydor/Universal Music, Innocent Drinks, Apple (TheBeatles) TimeOut Group, Penguin Books Ltd, Puffin Books Ltd, Estate-Arthur Ransome, Frederick Warne, Financial Times, Estate-Agatha Christie, Chorion, Estate-Ian Fleming & Ian Fleming Publications, Transport for London, Oxford English Dictionary, The Hay Festival of Literature, Heal’s, South Bank Festival, Spanish Tourist Board, Estate-Roald Dahl, Mary Evan Picture Library, Vanity Fair, National Portrait Gallery.

I can develop prototypes, concepts for retail product, new brand and IP creation based on existing ‘hard-to-use’ assets. I can create a long-tail for any brand with under-exploited IP. This goes way beyond the obvious extending the value of typical 2-3 year license projects.

I am passionate about creating work with cultural resonance (not just’more stuff’), that engages individuals and presents design in its true context of relevance and utility. I am a fluid thinker who knows how to do more than just spell the word ‘innovate’. Equally I am happy to ensure that designs have a real commercial potential for retail if the project demands this.

Feel free to contact me to discuss any involvement from product design, brand extension, retail product development, IP creation and innovation through to thinking and creativity workshops.

I work from a home studio in rural Oxfordshire.

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